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Our Team: Meet the Team

Shaun McMahon


Hello everyone, thank you for joining my admin team and I on this journey we are calling Evolution.  I am one of the co-founders of this group and I have big dreams and hopes to grow this group to help local communities in whatever way we can.  I am Pennsylvanian born and raised, where I live with my wife and four children, ages 9-20.  Since purchasing my first Wrangler in October 2018, I have discovered what the Jeep Life is all about and have found a passion that I would love to continue spreading through this organization.  I truly want to thank each and every one of you who are following along on this exciting journey.

Tangelena McMahon


Hi, my name is Tangelena McMahon, one of the co-founders of EJA.  My love for Jeeps started when I was a little girl.  My uncle would take me to Tower City in PA to go off-roading in his Willy's Jeep.  My husband and I bought our first Jeep in 2018.  Since then we have also acquired a 1988 Comanche which we plan to restore and I finally bought my 2019 JL this past April after getting tired of sitting in the passenger seat.  I hope to meet many of you sometime soon at events.


Jake Hayden

President & Co-Founder

Hey y’all! I am Jake. I am one of your co-founders. I am originally from Illinois, moved to Michigan roughly 5 years ago and now in Florida currently. I have had a lot of vehicles in the past but always went back to jeeps. I have had XJs, a MJ, a ZJ, a WJ, TJ, and currently a ZJ. You may also see me around in our Renegade Trailhawk. I would rather be out climbing obstacles but will still see me out in the mud. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

IG: Evolutionjeep_Kevin_The_ZJ

Ashley Hayden


Hey There! I’m Ashley Hayden. My husband’s name is Jake. We have two awesome kiddos. My daily driver is Stuart, 2016 Renegade Trail Hawk. I was born and raised in Carpentersville, IL. We lived in Michigan for 6 years and We are currently located in Jacksonville, FL. My passion for jeeps began in 2010. Right out of high school, I purchased a 1987 Jeep Comanche (MJ) Metric Ton. My interests in the Jeep Brand grew from there. On May 8th 2020, we purchased Stuart as a reliable, daily, fun family vehicle. I’m blessed to be apart of Evolution Jeep Alliance! Can’t wait to meet everyone out at events soon!!


Jay Suever

Founding Admin

A Detroit native, Jay found his love of all things automotive early on;   he graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology from Penn State University. He'd worked for Ford, Porsche and Audi. 

However, his love of off-roading didn't begin until his 2019 Jeep Rubicon, fondly known as Blanche, entered his life. Jay's biggest Jeep dream is to ride out to Moab.

In-between his Jeeping, he can also be found enjoying some quality time with his two dogs, Forrest and Toby or out boating.

Scott Behlert

Founding Admin

Hey I’m Scott. I live in Sicklerville, New Jersey. I am a Mechanic by trade. My first Jeep was a 96 Grand Cherokee and my current rig is a 2012 JKUR named Beast. I love all things Jeep, the Jeep community and the life that comes with being a part of this. I hope to see you at an event or out on the trails. You can find me @beast_jku on Instagram or on Facebook.


Steve Ellis


Hello everyone, I am Steve Ellis and I live in Lock Haven, PA with my wife of 35 years, Heidi Ellis.  Jeeping is one of our passions and huge outlet from the dull-drums of the normal week.  Our grandchildren and grandpuppies are our life.  Jeeping allows us to combine the two.  We took a leap and joined the other co-founders of Evolution Jeep Alliance because we too shared the same core values and had the same vision to create something powerful to provide a family oriented Jeep group to support not only our local communities, but the rest of the nation as well.  We look forward to seeing you at an EJA event soon.

image0 (7).jpeg

Brennan McMahon


What’s up everyone, I’m Brennan one of the admins here at EJA. I got a late start in life in the Jeep world due to a series of life altering events. My first Jeep a JKU sport that, I built up and then traded in for our JT Willy’s. My beautiful wife Kari  and I are from Upstate New York on the Canadian border. And love all Jeeps. I’d rather be on trails and not rocks or mud. Tread lightly my friends.

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Brian Sosnoskie


Greetings all. I am Brian "SOS" Sosnoskie.  I was born and raised in the Coal Region.  AOAA was my stomping grounds before it was AOAA  and I have been a gear head all my life. It all started with big mud trucks until I got my first jeep,  an 84 XJ. After wheeling XJs and ZJs I left 4 wheels for the 2 wheel world. Back now rolling in my 2003 TJ Rubicon,  ROKNUTZ. All my adventures are dobe with my Copilot Tawnya Brouse-Sosnoskie.  We love the off road community and the EJA Family.

Heather Anne


Hey everyone, Jersey jeeper here. Accustomed to sand and little rocks, I've found my passion through wheeling. While it hasn't been a life long pursuit, I found that wheeling CG, my 2021 JL, has changed my life in more ways than one. The freedom that comes from shutting the world out and focusing on the obstacle at hand has proved to be my best therapy. My goal in this hobby is to help the "wallflowers" of the jeeping world to become more confident off-road. Looking forward to seeing you all on the trails!

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